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As a rider, there is nothing that compares to sensation of two wheels and the open road. In Western North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers an almost infinite supply of windy mountain passages.

The most common motorcycle injury is North Carolina is a result of inattentive drivers. Unfortunately, other motorists on the road don’t follow the mantra “look twice, save a life”. Motorcycles are everywhere. Motorcycles have a lower profile, and as such, other motorists will pull out in front of you because they are not paying attention to their surroundings.

Road hazards also cause many accidents in North Carolina. The local and state governments are tasked with maintaining proper roadways. Often times pot holes or loose debris that should have been fixed have not, and can cause harm to you and your bike.

If you’ve been injured in an motorcycle accident, don’t go to battle with the insurance companies on your own. Our rates are affordable, and having Walter Daniels law on your side can mean the difference between getting the money you need to cover your costs or leaving money on the table.

Finding a competent lawyer that will fight for you is not always easy to do. In Asheville, though, it is. Walter Daniels Law has helped countless riders get the money that they need.

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