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19% of all drivers admit to being distracted by their smartphones when driving, and accidents are 23 times more likely to occur if you’re texting. We’ve all seen the horrific commercials, and we pray that accidents like this won’t occur to ourselves or our loved ones. We all agree we shouldn’t text and drive, and yet, we still do it.

Driving while texting has become an epidemic in today’s culture. In a different time, drivers fiddled with the radio or tried to read the newspaper. Now, we can’t get away from our phones long enough without greatly endangering our lives.

Hopefully, technology will catch up soon and our phones will be disabled when we need to focus on the road. Bluetooth and hands-free calling have helped, and legislation has been passed to thwart distracted drivers. In 2009, North Carolina made texting and driving illegal. And yet, people will still foolishly text and drive.

If you’ve been in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver, call Walter Daniels. He’s been an expert litigator in distracted driving cases for over 15 years in Asheville. The necessary evidence and intuition to see insights in a case like this shouldn’t be left to you, your family, or anyone else. The law states that texting and driving is illegal, yet it still occurs on every road, every day.

Walter Daniels has a strong, firm commitment to holding distracted drivers accountable for their actions and negligence. If you’ve been in an accident in Asheville, the time to call is now. Don’t delay.

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