What You Need to Know About Filing a Successful Motorcycle Accident Claim

For motorcyclists, the open road is typically a welcome sight, as it means they won’t have to worry about traffic or inconsiderate motorists who don’t give their bikes enough room. Unfortunately, such sight is uncommon, and many people, from weekend warriors to weekday commuters, ride their motorcycles through city traffic and on highways on a daily basis. When another driver’s alleged negligence causes another collision involving your motorcycle, catastrophic injuries and the nearly guaranteed destruction of your machine may occur.

There are various factors to making a successful case, whether you’re dealing with your own insurance company or a dispute over who was at fault. With the right actions, you can improve your chances of getting a settlement that covers your medical bills, property loss, pain & suffering, and other losses related to your personal injury. What should you do to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement?

Obtain a copy of the police report

Having evidence to back up your claim that another driver was at fault and should be responsible for your accident’s costs is critical to your success. If you contacted the police after an accident, you should be able to receive a copy of the accident report. During the post-accident interaction, you may have received a business card from an officer. To find out how to receive the information you require, call the number on the card. Don’t worry if you have a problem during this phase; your attorney will be able to assist you later.

Keep track of your injuries and treatment expenses

Demonstrating the consequences of a driver’s irresponsibility is an important part of your argument. You should not only see a doctor to get an official diagnosis for any injuries you’ve sustained, but you should also follow the doctor’s instructions. If you claim that an accident rendered you unable to work, but your social media page shows you partying on the beach later in the week, the courts are unlikely to rule in your favor. Follow your doctor’s recommendations, take it slowly, and keep detailed records of all your medical expenses.

Keep evidence like your helmet and gear

Don’t toss out that shattered helmet or torn leather jacket; these could be crucial pieces of evidence in proving the severity of the accident and the possibility of other, more serious consequences. Even if you don’t think you’ll need to submit this type of evidence, you never know where your case will go, so keep it on hand.

 Make contact with a reputable personal injury attorney.

Finally, begin looking for a legal team such as Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer that has the experience and enthusiasm to see your case through to a successful finish. To learn more about the process, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer and take advantage of a free consultation. Meanwhile, avoid using social media and refuse to sign any papers supplied to you by insurance firms. Making a deal now could eliminate the possibility of a later settlement.

Assemble your arguments.

It’s up to your staff to do a good job after talking with a lawyer and supplying as much information as feasible. You won’t have to bother about interacting with the insurance company or any other parties, and you’ll receive regular updates on the case. With the appropriate information and a dependable team of experienced lawyers on your side, you can increase your chances of reaching a favorable settlement or verdict.

As previously said, you should contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible following an accident to notify them of the incident. During that call, a claims adjuster may inquire about any physical injuries you have sustained. You may not be aware of the degree of your injuries at this stage. Don’t take chances! Physical injuries can take several days or even weeks to show following an accident. Even if it turns out you were harmed more than you imagined, saying “I’m alright” can be used against you in the future.

Keep in mind that insurance companies, including your own, are not your friends. Adjuster calls are frequently recorded. The insurance company is required by law to inform you that the call is being recorded, but you should presume that everything you say is being recorded just to be safe.

If you’re unsure about the degree of your injuries, say something like, “At this point, I’m not sure about the extent of my injuries.” I intend to visit the doctor for a checkup.” You should seek medical attention after any motorcycle accident, even if you believe it was minor.

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